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Directed by Tom Thiercelin
Written by Hadrien Degiorgi & Tom Thiercelin
Mixed and Mastered by Fabien Bacquet

Hosted by Anna Joy Russ (IT),  Benoît Marsal (ES),  Tom Thiercelin (FR/EN)

Original Music - Fabien Bacquet, Diego Pinna,  Alexis Prost
Original Covers - Spencer Krell (E01),  Isaak Hunt (E02),  Jacob Perry (E03)Lauren Marek (E04),   Skylar Bartlett (E05)
Stories animation - Alexis Prost
Web - Tom Thiercelin

Spread The Future would like to say special thanks to
Philippine, Paula, Alexia, Ronald, Alexios B., Eric H., Denise, Emmy, Dylan

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