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Messages of people about the
future from all around the world

“Community is the ground in which the seeds of change are planted. That's why i'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from all of you. Now, let's grow!”
– Alexia (Bucharest, RO)
“An inspiring podcast with a real artistic identity. Congrats guys!”
– Nolan (Athens, GR)
“Inspiring and stimulating! More and more people should follow this project's! Makes me think there is still some good in the world!”
- Michael (Comiso, IT)
“Nice concept ! I'm looking forward to listen the next episode”
– Gaëtane (St Etienne, FR)

“A very inspiring podcast. Being a guest has been an amazing experience that made me feel part of big community. Everyone should listen it and start to use our potential for great things!”
– Sofia (Milano, IT)
“Being a host in this podcast has been an honour: I loved seeing so many young and creative people come together to build such an interesting project. It makes you really wonder how much we can achieve when great minds work in synchrony. I hope everyone who listens will be a part of this community.”
– Anna (Bergamo, IT)
“Whatever we may think or feel, it’s essential to create and to try to move forward.”
– Hadrien (Lyon, FR)
“This podcast aspires to create an environment that allows our generation to work together. This dynamic not only pushes us to investigate the problems we're facing and but also stimulate us to imagine creative solutions. Taking part was really enjoyable and incredibly motivating. Well done!”
– Nina (Yelverton, UK)

“If you are not that guy/girl you want to be today, you won’t be him/her tomorrow. You’ll become this person when you stop to think about it to finally begin to live it.”
– Fabien (Cannes, FR)
“This project reminds me of how much the future is in our hands and I am proud to contribute.”
– Philippine (Le Mans, FR)
“So smooth, I could listen it all day !”
– Fabio (Limoges, FR)
“Eclectic and stimulating ideas, this podcast is definitely an enriching experience.”
– Benoit (Cannes, FR)

“Amazing podcast!! I definitely recommand it!”
– John (Chicago, US)
“Can't wait to listen to the next episodes. As the pandemic is here to stay, I hope you will be able to continue to create and fill the silence it conveyed.”
– Billy (Paris, FR)
“The voices featured in this podcast are inspiring, empowering and full of hope. The future is here, it is us.”
– Leslie (Paris, FR)

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